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Free Wi-Fi Router Offer - Terms & Conditions


  1. Free for use Wi-Fi Router Offer is only available for select YOU Broadband Plans.

  2. Wi-Fi router shall be provided Free-for-use on plans with validity 3 months and above

  3. The Offer does not include CPE refundable deposit which shall be separate.

  4. The Offer is available only for New Customers and the Router shall be installed within 15 days after successful payment clearance of subscription amount.

  5. The customer is required to ascertain that the Wi-Fi router is in working condition during and after installation.

  6. Wi-Fi Router is FREE for use during the plan validity period and will be available for use as long as the customer is an active subscriber of YOU Broadband services.

  7. YOU Broadband will install & trouble-shoot the Wi-Fi router. YOU Broadband will remain the sole owner of the Wi-Fi Router and the Customer is required to return it after suspension or disconnection of their services.

  8. Customer is required to take due care of Wi-Fi router. In the event of damage to the Wi-Fi Router, customer is liable to be charged, on the sole discretion of YOU Broadband for replacement of router.

  9. Wi-Fi Router’s performance is dependent upon number of factors including the number of devices accessing internet, router technical specifications, structural design of home/office, router placement etc. YOU Broadband does not take liability on performance of the router in any of these cases.

  10. This is a limited period offer and can be withdrawn without any notice or communication.

  11. In the event of suspension or disconnection, the customer will be refunded their CPE Deposit, after recovery of CPE and Wi-Fi router by YOU Broadband, provided both are in working condition with all accessories. YOU Broadband has the right to deduct from the refund amount if any of the equipments are not in working condition or the customer applies for disconnection of services.

  12. For 100 Mbps and higher speed plans, it is necessary to go for a dual band 802.11ac series router with Gig Ethernet WAN/LAN physical ports. Please check that your PC, smart phone also support dual band ac series router. This router is available at a one-time refundable deposit of Rs.1999 | Router shall be provided Free for use & remains the property of YOU Broadband India Limited else the router can be purchased externally.

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