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Bandwidth on Demand (BoD)

Today, connectivity services are a mostly static experience, meaning that once the endpoints and service attributes are defined, not much changes. however, in this age of cloud networking and content hosting static connectivity does not suffix the growing communication needs of organizations.

The need is of a network that adapts and accomodate bandwidth capacities as and when needed.

In a normal situation, someone needs a connection, they go through the process of signing contract and it usually takes quite long time in service provisioning, to establish and activate the bandwidth.

Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) is a network connectivity service that allows users to request bandwidth at desired levels when and where they need it.

Bandwidth on Demand allows you to customize your connectivity parameters, giving you control over your network usage like never before. for example, you may request an increase in your bandwidth capacity from 20 Mbps to 40 Mbps every week end, for few hours in order to perform online data transfer or large-size data backup, etc. the network delivers it and then, after that time period, your bandwidth service goes back to contracted bandwidth as usual.
This service can be opted for planned/pre-scheduled events and also for sudden/unplanned needs.

Most importantly, Bandwidth on Demand accommodates the increasing demands of short duration bandwidth needs for events like online examinations, web casting-live video streaming of sports events, seminars, conferences, medical surgeries, weddings, spiritual gatherings/occasions, etc.

Depending on the feasibility of last mile connectivity, the key benefits here are that on demand services provides flexible bandwidth, locations, and connectivity times – three highly compelling and customizable factors that eliminates the need of static connectivity, long term contract thus saving cost and maintenance overheads.

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New Connection

    We will call you about our service. If you wish not to, please uncheck the box.