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Job Details

Position - Operations Head

  • Achieve, and maintain, our clients in Green status based on SLA
  • Strategize and execute plans for "red"/"yellow" accounts
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement on our Service Level commitments
  • Build standard repeatable, reliable, and consistent processes, and procedures.

Growth and external relationship management :

  • Develop good working relationships with Clients and Onshore team
  • Increase the percentage of ownership and total scope of services for both existing and future accounts
  • Support client referncebility target

Transitioning and project management :

  • Implement new projects/ new lines of business such that they are in green light, receive excellent internal and external customer feedback
  • Ability to engage with customer, understanding their business processes, analyze the processes for inefficiencies and costs, provide recommendations to improve the processes and help customers to implement the recommendations
  • PM utilization to be >90%
  • Excel in business operations, while reducing the timeframe for delivery readiness

BD and Solutioning support :

  • Extensive Pre sales support to BD by Ops to help the sales teams grow the business
  • Inputs to the RFP/ RFQ process
  • Increase the branding and accurate understanding of the division, inside and outside the company

Audit and compliance :

  • To ensure that all employees maintain strong compliance and business control posture with zero tolerance of violations on COMPANY‚ÄôS Business Conduct Guidelines
  • All operations, quality, training processes
    • To maintain a satisfatory controls posture using the defined process and standard  criteria
    • Meet the audit finding requirements for operations
    • To ensure Data integrity of reporting

People management :

  • Handle complete employee lifecycle from interviewing, selecting, hiring to completion of resignation formalities (exit interviews, stop payments, etc.)
  • Overall Operations negative attrition targets to be met
    • reduce year - to - year department attrition by 20%
    • Manage the attrition and retention of talented resources
  • Improve speed and effectiveness of resource deployment, while reducing employee churn
  • Increase the percentage and absolute numbers of higher skilled resources and positions
  • Develop high quality resource across all levels of the operations who can take up leadership positions in the existing and new projects Performance Management
    • Set clear objectives, track and provide feedback to the people against the objectives
    • Consistent KRAs/ deliverables
    • Monthly/Weekly employee open house meeting to be conducted - duly documented and close looped
    • Facilitate feedback sessions from all (right from associates to PM)
  • People Development
    • build first and second line leadership
    • 75 % vacancies to be filled by internal people
    • define clear career path options for top performers. Develop the nesting group with clear trainings and career paths
    • define clear trainings to be undertaken for all. Define a skills development program for management and technical leadership
  • Employee Engagement
    • Improve E-SAT, achieving a greater sense of belonging.
    • Build a high performance culture
      • Achieve the target on the ESI score
      • Effectively manage the satisfaction of employees who have voiced concerns on HR speakup sessions

Financials / Metrics :

  • Meet the Budgets as defined for the year 2009
  • Maintain relative cost leadership (cost per unit of work)
  • Remain cost competitive for the services offered
  • Increase growth in terms of 1. Total FTEs, 2. Existing accounts, 3. New accounts
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve utilization
  • Improve quality of service through the development and deployment of the LEAN factory model, best practice sharing and the implementation of six sigma methodology
    • Develop the ability to meet and exceed all expectations for new and troubled operations on a plug and play mode using the best practices gathered across all teams


Qualification / Experience :

  • Any Graduate
  • 10 - 15 Years

Desired candidate profile :

BPO management experience

  • Experience managing service operations (stm, call center, data entry, graphics etc.)
  • Experience growing service operations from small to large headcount
  • Managed 24x7 operations
  • Managed hiring of staff, training, and HR practices

Communication skills

  • Clear & crisp in both written / verbal communications
  • Confident enough to express his or her own opinions
  • Possesses excellent communication, interpersonal, and people management skills

Highly analytical

  • Should be able to analyze and present data related to operations
  • Good eye for process measurement & improvement
  • Expertise in Six Sigma methodology is a plus, but not absolutely necessary

International experience

  • Must possess experience of working in a Multinational environment
  • International stint is a plus, but not absolutely necessary

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