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YOU Broadband - India's Leading Broadband Provider

YOU Broadband is one of India’s leading broadband service provider. YOU Broadband offers high-speed data and voice services through the Internet. Primarily, it offers high speed Internet services to residential, corporate and SME customers. For corporate and SME customers YOU offers dedicated leased line to enable them to send huge amount of data. First Broadband operator in India to offer 100 Mbps to homes.

YOU Broadband has over 3000 kms of optic fibre cable and 17000 kms of last mile coaxial cable network in all its operational cities facilitates world-class service delivery to its customers. The company has so far invested Rs 4 billion on broadband cable infrastructure across 18 operational cities. The network has been put together by partnering with companies likes Motorola, Avvaya, Commscope, Cisco etc.


YOU Broadband provides internet service to a large part of India that covers Ahemdabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon Hyderabad, Kakinada, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik Navsari, Navi Mumbai, Powai, Pune, Rajkot, Surat, Thane, Vadodara, Valsad, Vapi, Vijaywada, Vizag. You provides the be st internet service with cheapest unlimited broadband packages.

YOU Broadband has a wide range of broadband network. Choose from a wide range of unlimited broadband plans in Mumbai and other parts of the country. Select a broadband package of your choice by comparing a host of best broadband plans suitable for you.


Experience the fastest internet speed with You broadband. We also have wireless internet for home along with unlimited internet plans. Internet prices are ever increasing but we make sure you enjoy the cheapest unlimited broadband plan at best rates. We cater to Wi-Fi services for home as well as businesses.

For all businesses whether a large company, an emerging business, a start-up or a government organization, require the fast, reliable and secure Internet access that will give its employees, partners, customers the ability to operate seamlessly in a world where information sharing is a critical. Hence, we provide dedicated internet access viz Internet leased lines for businesses.

A Dedicated Internet Access (Internet Leased Line) is a premium internet connectivity product which is dedicated, fully duplex nature of Bandwidth and provides symmetrical speed Internet. And, equally important aspect of Dedicated Internet Access is guaranteed service uptime of 99% and above along with options available for static Public IP addresses which enables customers to host servers/contents on web. A Dedicated Internet Access (Internet Leased Line) is overall designed to delivery its user, assured bandwidth with high accessibility along with scalability thus known as most reliable connectivity options for Business or users running mission critical applications on web.

Thus, we have successfully positioned ourselves as a leading service provider in the broadband segment.