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Terms and Conditions for Amazon Fire Tv Stick Offer


  • FFU Offers are only available for specific Plans.
  • Customer acknowledges that he/she has gone through the details of the specific Plan before itssubscription, along with the Terms and Conditions of YOU Broadband’s services.
  • The Offers do not include CPE or installation charges which are separateas per policy/scheme.
  • The Offersare available to both New and Existing Customers. In case of Existing Customers, Offer can beavailed during Renewal of Subscription and successful payment clearance.
  • The bundled Product/s will be issued within 7 days of successful clearance of payment.
  • Bundled Product/s is/are FREE for use during the validity of the subscription plan provided by YOU Broadband and will be available for useas long as the customer is an active subscriber of YOU Broadband’s Internet services.
  • YOU Broadband does not take any warranty of the bundled Product/s.
  • Any defect/fault in the bundled Product/s will not be the responsibility of YOU Broadband. The customer will have to avail services for the same from the manufacturer of the bundled Product/s.
  • YOU Broadband will remain the sole owner of the bundled Product/s and reserve the rights to retrieve the bundled CPE/products.
  • Customer is required to take due care of bundled Product/s. In the event of damage to the bundled Product/s, customer is liable to be charged, on the sole discretion of YOU Broadband.
  • The bundled Product/s performance is dependent upon number of factors including the number of devices accessing internet, technical specifications, structural design of home/office, its placement, internet speed etc. YOU Broadband does not take liability on performance of the bundled Product/s in any case.
  • This is a limited period offer and can only be availed once by any subscriber.

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